Christmas Dog Tags

8 products

Celebrate this holiday season with our essential and informative dog tags for dogs and...

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Cute Pet Tags

25 products

With great styles, adorable designs, and top-quality stainless steel material, WagAvenue's Cute Pet Tags...

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Dog Collars

1 product

Courageous. Reserved. Protective. Playful. Whether your dog possesses a bold or shy personality, WagAvenue...

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Dog Toys

5 products

Shop our collection of cute and adorable dog toys made specifically for your beloved...

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Driver's License Pet Tags

53 products

Your pet can now become an official resident of the state you're residing in...

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Elevated (Raised) Pet Feeders

13 products

Raised pet feeders and elevated dog bowls allow your pets to feed with a...

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Funny Pet Tags

38 products

The Funny Pet Tags features wacky quotes and outrageous slogans, coupled with cute inappropriate...

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Halloween Dog Tags

12 products

Halloween is near and we are celebrating with a Brand New collection of Halloween...

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License Plate Pet Tags

51 products

Our License Plate Pet Tags are made with top quality stainless steel material and...

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Pattern Pet Tags

19 products

The Pattern Pet Tags features vintage, retro, and beautiful pattern backgrounds for cats and...

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Pet Tags

200 products

WagAvenue offers premium name tags for dogs and cats that are cute, durable, and funny....

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Rescue Pet Tags

4 products

The Rescue Pet Tags helps promote pet adoption and raise awareness of sheltered dogs...

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Silhouette Pet Tags

24 products

Our silhouette pet tags features a large selection of breed-specific pets. From Boxers to...

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