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Live. Laugh. Woof. Pamper Your Beloved Pooch.

They chew on your expensive new shows, scratch the surface of your wall, and scare away the mailman with their playful growl. But despite all that, your dog will stop at nothing to protect you, accompany you, and love you unconditionally every minute of the day. They cuddle and make you smile when you're sad, defend you when you're in danger, and play with you when you're bored. At WagAvenue, we understand the importance and joy that your companion brings to your life, so our mission is to provide your beloved canine friend the best dog products and dog accessories he or she deserves. We're devoted to helping you bring your pets home safely, to protect them from ever being lost, with the most durable and sturdy personalized pet ID tags in the world.


WagAvenue is a San Francisco-based online dog boutique that offers designer pet tags at an affordable price. Our sophisticated and sturdy stainless steel dog tags for dogs and cats will surely match any pet's personality in every way imagined. Our brand also carries the #1 personalized license ID tags for pets, including all 50 states for both our Driver's License Pet Tags and License Plate Pet Tags. Our name tags for dogs and cats are creative and fun, and highly customizable with almost any information you want on the custom ID tag. We realize how much your adorable pooch or kitty means to you, and for this reason we carry nothing but the best pet ID tags to keep them safe at ALL times.


Did we mention that we offer flat rate shipping of only $3.95 for ALL of our durable pet tags? Unlike our competitors, all of our Pet ID License, Funny Pet Tags, Cute Pet Tags, and everything else in our doggie boutique qualify for the flat rate shipping. Pair that off with our outstanding 24/7 support throughout the day, we make your shopping experience for your pampered pooch that much easier.


So let's live a little, laugh your heart out, and bark plenty of love. Pamper your beloved pooch. WagAvenue, where pets




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